Women of Significance

Women of Significance is a unique self enhancement project for women that includes life coaching, motivational speaking, advocacy, mentorship, inspiration, empowerment, peer to peer support and helping a women of all ages become confident and excel to an unique woman of significance.

Our program utilizes members' life experiences to enhance the lives of others, and increases the participant's self esteem and passion for life. Members gather through community events, virtual communication, conference calls, workshops and Blog Talk Radio.

Our mission is to inspire women of all ages to become effective leaders and gain confidence and in turn change their life to being significant and unique. Each Women of Significance ambassador is recognized as she displays confidence, balance, excellence, strives to serve others and promotes inward beauty. The main focus of Women of Significance is to recognize its members' achievements and create effective leaders. Furthermore, each member recognizes her own mentors who have been an inspiration to her.

Women of Significance is not a beauty pageant. It is a self enhancement program that uses the crown and sash as a tool to help increase communication skills, confidence and leadership . This concept began in our Inaugural program Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence (a division of Motivation For You LLC) which we used the crown and sash as a trademark of Ms. Albert, our visionary, which also represents that though we may be broken, in God's sight, we are his princesses. Since Integrity Beauty has become a success, we have now positioned this program under the same value system for Motivation For You, but for all walks of life and all beliefs.

Women of Significance would like to help every person create a platform from her own life experience. Each member is provided the opportunity to increase their own self-confidence by telling her life stories and/or testimonies to other people who are without hope.

Our program will always strive to find fun, innovative and exciting ways to create interest to the public and help build self esteem in others, Motivation For You, supports those who are willing to be difference makers and find creative, interesting and unique ways to open doors of opportunity to lead others to become a significant individual through their testimony and/or life story. Once you belong to the Women of Significance Sisterhood Alumni you are a lifetime member.

2016 Woman of Significance

Christine Pandone

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

- C. S. Lewis

My Name is Christine Pandone. I had a wonderful childhood. My parents were amazing and encouraged me to follow my Dreams. Dad always used to tell me life is just a soap opera. When things would get really tough Dad would say, “Go ahead hit me again because it feels good when you stop.” I have learned to be a strong resilient woman thanks to my loving parents. I attended Youngstown state university to obtain my associates degree in child development. In March of 1992, I graduated and entered the work world. I began teaching preschool. I love children and loved teaching.

In May of 1995, I married the man I thought was the man of my dreams. We had two beautiful daughters. I became a stay at home Mom so that one parent would always be available for the girls. My marriage hit a rough patch around 2007 when my ex-husband was laid off from his job that he had for seven years. Money became tight and he was no longer happy. I kept trying to make him happy and make our marriage work. All of my efforts were wasted.

October 12, 2011, began the toughest battle of my life. I left my husband and I was promised a dissolution and custody of our children. The promise and reality were quite different. In December I was served with divorce papers and the first custody battle had begun. Every day I woke up and told myself to be strong and fight for my children. They needed me. I kept a smile on my face through this whole battle.

My divorce was final in Aug of 2012. That was the same day that I began my journey back in college at Youngstown State University. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social work. I had to go back to school so that I can get a job and be able to support my family on my own. I choose social work because I want to help empower women who have been struggling as I was. I am currently doing my internship at a domestic violence shelter; and my May graduation is fast approaching. I was recently offered a position at the shelter and am very excited to begin my journey working there. It has been a long tough battle but I am achieving my goals.

I believe that I am a Woman of Significance because I have had to be resilient through my life changes. I try very hard to treat others as how I want to be treated. Lastly, I believe that one of my main reasons I was brought to this earth is to be a listening ear to others who are hurting and to be a woman of compassion.

2013-2015 Woman of Significance

Jennifer Haynes

You are significant. To think otherwise is a myth created by doubting what you can do and fear of what you can be.

– Dodinsky (paraphrased)

A native of Monroe, Louisiana, Jennifer attended Northeast Louisiana University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art/Graphic Design. She is also a graduate of The National Academy of Paralegal Studies, Medical Terminology Transcription program at Louisiana Tech University, Phlebotomy Tech program at the University of Louisiana Monroe and Central Michigan University with a Master of Science Degree in Health Services Administration. As an employee of The Department of Veterans Affairs, she has also completed numerous hospital administration program courses and is a graduate of EVAL – Emerging VA Leaders Program.

Being an only child, her parents exposed her to as many activities as possible. That exposure cultivated her love and interest in the arts. She played piano, organ and flute, took ballet, tap, and jazz and especially looked forward to attending YWCA Art Camp during the summer. She still participates in some of those activities as time permits. Her favorite is creating artwork though her home based business, JenniKHreations. She has aspirations to one day start a summer art camp for youth in her community.

A member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Jennifer’s volunteer activities include work with United Way of Northeast Louisiana, Lupus Foundation of America – Northeast Louisiana Chapter, ARCO-A Community Resource, The Salvation Army and Northeast Louisiana Telethon for Cerebral Palsy. Some of her other interests and hobbies include writing poetry, shopping, fashion, travel, cooking, event planning, stage plays, movies, pageantry and photography.

She holds local and state beauty pageant titles; Ms. Ouachita Parish Plus America 2011 and Ms. Louisiana Plus America 2011. A member of Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence Christian Ministry Program, she also holds the title of 2012 Integrity Beauty Woman of Encouragement. As Devotional Director of Integrity Beauty, her inspirational messages of encouragement can be read on the website’s blog, which is entitled DEVO – Devotional Encouragement for Victorious Outcomes.

As a Lupus survivor of 23 years, she is committed to bring as much awareness as possible to the disease, which most people know nothing about. After connecting with the Lupus Foundation of America and being turned down to start a chapter in her area, she decided to start an organization on her own. She is the founder and executive director of Transcending Lupus Support Alliance of Northeast Louisiana, LLC. This mission began through her pageant platform; Life, Love and Lupus – Support Lupus Awareness. Jennifer says, “The road to getting this organization off the ground has been very difficult.” Even so, despite all of the difficulties she is encountering, she remains optimistic. “I have faith that the community will eventually come around to support the organization and recognize Lupus for the extremely devastating and debilitating disease it actually is.”

Your life has purpose. Your story is important. Your dreams count. Your voice matters. You were born to make an impact. –The Love Yourself Challenge

I am honored to be one of the chosen to help Roberta shape her new organization, Significance. Everyone matters. We were created with special, individual gifts to share with those around us. Through Significance, it is my hope that women are uplifted and inspired to see the best and be the best in their lives while inspiring others to do the same.


"When it came to marrying my best friend we wanted something very low key with our kind of style. I called Roberta on a Monday and sprung this on her for that Friday. She was so helpful and generous. She even came back from vacation early to make sure our special day happened! The thoughtfulness and dedication she showed us were amazing. Our wedding was beautiful and personalized just like we wanted. I can't thank Roberta enough for everything she did for us!"

- John and Niki Merchant

Brookfield, Ohio

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