SHE Squad

The SHE Squad (Striving Higher Everyday) is a personal enhancement program for young women ages 9-17. The SHE Squad are mentored about accountability, purity, leadership, bullying, inward beauty,

Each SHE Squad Member is invited once they become eighteen to continue in the Women of Significance program through Motivation For You. This program gives the women not only something to look forward too, but hope for a positive outcome in their future.

Motivation For You, offers the young women written letters of recommendation based on their performance for colleges, businesses and for their portfolios the young women use through out their lifetime.

Contact us today if you would like to join our program and create your own SHE Squad group today.

Directors of this group must be a responsible adult and will be interviewed by the Board of Directors of Motivation For You. A two year commitment is required to carry this position.

SHE Squad offers various ideas to help you with your group. You will also have the opportunity to be mentored by the Woman of Significance Members.


"Our wedding ceremony was perfect! We loved that you worked with us on our ceremony all the way. When we got engaged and decided to get married in 4 months we didnt think it would turn out as amazing as it did. It was very appreciated how well you worked to accommodate the very different beliefs of our families and ourselves. Thank you a million times over. "

- Bryan and Raelyn Jankowski

Youngstown, Ohio

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