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Motivation For You is an unique association for women that includes life coaching, motivational speaking, advocacy, mentorship, inspiration, empowerment, peer to peer support and helping women of all ages become confident and excel to an unique woman of significance.

Motivation For You, helps you to progress forward from improving your self esteem which grows to confidence, which leads you to becoming significant. Motivation For You accomplishes this through self-discovery of your vision and creating abundant possibilities, naturally creating accountability and helping you progress forward.

Because we all experience transitions in our lives, we believe we have the knowledge and ability to encourage you. We will work with you to advance and become focused, at ease and reduce the amount of obstacles you may currently experience.

Motivation For You offers unique motivational services specifically tailored for you to assist you in any area of your life that you are currently experiencing.

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"My name is Pamella Reid and about one year ago, I was living in Cleveland and I needed to get to Alliance, Ohio. I had just met Roberta Cykon and she gracefully offered and drove all the way from her home town which was not Cleveland but a different city. She drove 1 hour to come and get me then another hour to take me to Alliance... Since then my life has not been the same. Just her obedience to helping me launched me to a place in God where I had no other choice but to trust him... My relationship with Jesus has since grown. Now I am back in Cleveland, Ohio more focused, encouraged and excited about God."

- Pamella Reid

Cleveland, Ohio

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