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Motivation For You, LLC began in 2009 by Roberta Michelle Cykon. Roberta has always been gifted in motivating others to dust off and start again from setbacks. Motivation For You was given this name because of this purpose. Roberta was given a vision to help others use their grief and life experience to create structure and find a positive outlet for current life situations. In April of 2009, Roberta became a Certified Life Coach. Roberta starting coaching individuals in the area of grief and bereavement.

In February of 2009, Roberta made a promise to Helen Albert, the first African American registered nurse in Trumbull County, Ohio that she would continue on her legacy of loving, caring and sharing. Once Albert passed away, Roberta began pursuing the Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence program in full force. Helen Albert passed on September 7, 2009. Roberta believed that God wanted her to place Motivation For You on a shelf and she did.

Roberta coaches women nationally who have joined Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence. Roberta mentors women to beome the Proverbs 31 woman as well as learning how to celebrate their legacies and tell their life stories. The “Integrity Beauty” story has become a national interest of many women who were Christian believers and wanted to excel in their growth in Christ.

Roberta has had the opportunity to be the life coach for Miss Christian International. She has been a keynote speaker at many events inspiring people to use their life to help change a hurting world. Roberta has been in several publications and also been on TV and Radio shows. Roberta has won various awards such as Tiara Magazine Inspirational Woman off the Year two years in a row, Trumbull 100/ Tribune Chronicle Community Star, Trumbull County Children Services Rising Up and Moving on Award, YOU Magazine Editors choice of Inspirational Women, Natalie's Pageant Closet Directors Making a Difference, America’s Super Pageant Who’s Who of Pageantry Honorable Mention as the Director and Founder of Integrity Beauty.

In 2012, Roberta had a long talk with her husband Michael and said she wanted to find a way to revamp Motivation For You. Michael has mentioned to her to allow people from all walks of life to have the same Integrity Beauty Experience. Motivation For You created the Women of Significance program and the SHE (Striving Higher Everyday) Squad. These programs are extremely similar to the Woman of Excellence program provided by Integrity Beauty without the Christian theme.

Roberta is determined to help all walks of life to believe in themselves by gaining confidence and then once they have healed themselves they will become a significant person. Roberta is passionate about helping others have a voice to be heard.

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"I first met Pastor Roberta at my nieces wedding and it was just fabulous the way that they came up with making it a family united ceremony. I married a man who had previously been married with a son whom he had custody of, and feel our marriage would have been so much stronger if we would have included him like that right from the beginning. I am so much about family.

I knew that the day I met Roberta God had something bigger in store for the two of us. Well two weeks later my mother past and I needed a service that would somehow bring peace to some of my family members; so we came up with relating it to her past; she was very open about it and it somewhat related to what we had been going through for the past several years. Different stories same scenario. Pastor Roberta's service was unique but tailored around what I had requested. She was compassionate to my needs and understood the importance of bringing a family back together. Some are still trying to heal but we are all going to get through this together."

- Sandy Vignero

Newton Falls, Ohio

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