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Motivation For You is a unique coaching program for all walks of life that includes motivating you to be accountable for yourself, sharing your life stories, motivational speaking and advocacy. Our program utilizes members' life experiences to enhance the lives of others, and increases the participant's self esteem and passion to want to re-invent their life. Members gather through community events, virtual communication, conference calls, workshops, book and blog writing and Blog Talk Radio.

Our mission is to inspire people of all ages to become effective leaders and "Turn their pain into purpose" by helping them to gain confidence and become an unique person of significance.

Motivation For You is to used to enhance your life. It is a motivational tool that uses the peer-to-peer support and a network of its members to help you achieve your personal goals.

Motivation For You would like to help every person create a platform from their own life experience. Each member is provided the opportunity to increase their own self-confidence by telling their life stories to other people who are interested in reinventing their life but are not sure where to begin.

About Motivation For You

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"When it came to marrying my best friend we wanted something very low key with our kind of style. I called Roberta on a Monday and sprung this on her for that Friday. She was so helpful and generous. She even came back from vacation early to make sure our special day happened! The thoughtfulness and dedication she showed us were amazing. Our wedding was beautiful and personalized just like we wanted. I can't thank Roberta enough for everything she did for us!"

- John and Niki Merchant

Brookfield, Ohio

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